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Brain inflammation linked to uncommon type of 'early-onset' dementia

'Inflammation in the brain ‘linked to several forms of dementia' ITV News reports

Young people who vape may be more likely to start smoking

Read more about how vaping in young people affects their risk of smoking in later life.

Babies' sleep problems may raise chances of anxiety later in childhood

A new Australian study has looked at nearly 1,500 mother-child pairs to see whether babies with persistent and severe sleep problems were more likely to show signs of mental health problems in later childhood.

Being tall and lean as a child linked to increased risk of endometriosis

'Girls who are tall and lean in childhood are more at risk of later developing endometriosis, research has found' The Guardian reports

Eating an egg a day does not raise risk of heart attack or stroke

In a new study, researchers used dietary information from 215,618 people in the US. They found no evidence that people eating an egg a day had a higher risk of heart attack or stroke than people who rarely or never ate eggs, once their overall diet and lifestyle was taken into account.

Frequent teeth brushing may be linked with lower risk of diabetes

"Brushing your teeth THREE times a day could ward off diabetes," reports the Mail Online on a study looking at more than 180,000 people in South Korea.
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